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Ready To Surprise Your Valentines Crush?

February 14th can mean different things to different people. Still, it has undoubtedly become one of the most important days in Western society's calendars. Roses falling from the sky, a choir of angels singing, and a sparkle of hearts in your eyes. This is how many would picture LOVE while meeting the one and only for your life. Another version includes Cupid, who's shooting magical arrows filled with love at the people. After that, it is nothing but Love in the air. But in reality, falling in love can happen any day, so why is there a particular day?

The Background Behind Valentine's Day

It seems it originated as a minor Western Christian feast day honoring two early Christian martyrs named Valentin. Emperor Claudius II executed the two men of the Name Valentine on February 14th. Another story is about a man called Valentin from Rom. This man married soldiers who weren't allowed to be married and celebrated services for Christians during the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. 

The Feast of Saint Valentine was established in 496 to be celebrated on February 14th in honor of the Christian martyr Saint Valentine of Rome, who died on that date in the year 269. But well, these days, the origin stepped in the background.

Nowadays, people associate it with romantic Love and Valentine's Day Gifts. DIY Valentine's Day cards, flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped items are everywhere. Then there are those who simply want to have a good time with the wild symbols at Slots at Slots Capital!

If you thought that Valentine's Day skips its stop at online casinos, we are sorry to correct you there. The world of online casinos attapts to the month of love. Love letters with fantastic free spins and deposit bonuses are sent your way. Just open them and you feel the casino love!


Why Is Cupid The Face Of Valentine's Day? 

What would be Valentine's Day without Cupid - that popular winged character portrayed holding a bow full of heart-pointed arrows? The Cupid is more popular than the original St. Valentine's story. In Roman Mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus - the goddess of Love and beauty. Those who are hit by his arrow fall in Love instantly. 

The Cupid, also named Amor or Eros, is sometimes shown blindfolded because Love is blind! No doubt why this character is considered the face of Valentine's Day! You may encounter him on the various Valentine slots in our casino!

Shakespeare's Legacy

Valentine's Day appeared in "Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Hamlet" in the 17th century, written by no other than Shakespeare. He is the legendary poet and playwriter, regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's greatest dramatist. In his pieces, Valentine's Day is linked to the superstition that if two single people meet on the morning of Saint Valentine's Day, they will likely get married. What an unforgettable first Valentine's Day with your partner that would be, right?


Valentines Day Traditions

Valentine's Day is celebrated all around the globe with different traditions. But for sure, there are also some classic ones you must have heard of. 

Writing love letters is a romantic way to express your feelings to your significant other. DIY cards are getting more and more popular. You can craft them in all shapes and sizes, and once it is finished, you can include short love quotes. Only in the United States, around 190 million Valentine's Day cards are sent each year, and it's now a significant source of economic activity.

Very popular are marriage proposals on Valentine's Day. It is often chosen as the best Day to express their Love. What is more romantic than asking one to spend the rest of your life together?

Slots Capital - Your Personal Cupid

Last but not least, the Slots Capital Tradition of spinning Valentine's slots reels together with excitement to hit the big win! Find your true Valentine Slot among the beautifully designed casino games in our lobby.

We love our players, and to show them our appreciation, we are prepared for the month of Love! With slot machines offering a jackpot feature, you can win real money! With a minimum bet, you can get the maximum win!


Why Is It Called "Be my Valentine"?

It is common to call the recipient of a Valentine's Gift "my Valentine." The legend says that St. Valentine healed the blindness of the daughter of his overseer while in jail. Before his execution, he wrote her a farewell letter signed "Your Valentine." Seems as if the legacy kept strong and is now used to show affection.

All About Gifting In The Month Of Love

It has always been a tradition for lovers to exchange presents, the most popular being flowers, Valentine's Day cards, and chocolate. A flower bouquet has been a symbol of Love since the 17th century. The flower that is often associated with Love is the rose. The rose is supposed to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love, because it stands and will always portray strong feelings.

Chocolate has been well-liked in the Western world since Spanish explorers brought it from the New World in the 17th century. Others, in the meantime, enjoy a bottle of red wine together with their love, chatting about the best love slots to play on Valentine's Day.

Romantic Gestures - Gifts Given With Love

To be fair, we lost sight of when the newest iPhone will be released or if there's a new gaming console on the market. All we can say is that you can expect fantastic casino slots online.

Yet, here are a few ideas regarding Valentine's gifts:

When your partner likes collecting figures and is a Star Wars fan, why not get the Funko Pop! Valentine's edition of Yoda. You could include a love note with "Yoda one for me" when gifting it. Get it? 

Lovebox is a fantastic idea to keep showing your Love in the digital era. While the box is a physical gift, the messages it receives are digital. Similar to the symbols spinning at a slot machine, the red heart (or other spinner symbols) keeps spinning until the recipient opens the Lovebox to read the message. Perfect if you live in a long-distance relationship. 

Many have found their Darling online. Don't you deny; with the many platforms, it is easy to get in contact with new people in your area or around the globe. With a portion of humor, let them light the candle of Love with a funny message referring to how you met. 


Activities To Make Your Partners Day

Actions speak louder than gifts. Instead of feeling pressured to buy expensive Valentine's gifts or to craft a surprise, many prefer to choose fun activities to make you both enjoy the moment and to bond even stronger. 

  1. In the month of Love, take your significant other by the hand and show them your favorite part of the city by walking through it. Finish the day with a relaxed evening. What about movie night, including popcorn and some cuddles? Whether that is in the cinema or at home.

  2. Love finds its way through the stomach, so why not take the time to cook something together? We are sure a dinner night would surprise your loved one. Cook a fantastic Coconut Curry Chicken, and what about strawberries covered in chocolate for dessert?

  3. If you share a passion for casino games, have a fun night while playing the most famous Valentine's Slots at Slots Capital. With the highly animated games, bonus features, and of course, high-paying winning combinations, it will be a day to remember.


Love Slots For A Lucky Valentine 

Whether you are hyped for Valentine's Day or not. Most online casinos feature Valentine's slots - many with extra bonuses and promotions. We are all in for such occasions. Therefore we have lovely Slot titles packed with Love and high winning potential for you! 

Love Is In The Air With Mighty Aphrodite

This Rival Slot features the goddess of Love herself, with stunning visual design and neatly crafted symbols. This 5-reel and 25-payline slot is packed with very rewarding bonus symbols. The game's Wild symbol is represented by Aphrodite appearing in stacked formations on the reels!

Cupid and Pegasus join Mighty Aphrodite with other divine icons such as seashells, a golden harp, big hearts, and many more. Everything you need to celebrate the month of Love!

We Are Spinning For Love and Money

Couples can get together for Love but also for Money! And that's what this 5-reel and 15-payline Valentine's game is inspired by! It features symbols of Love and Valentine's presents like a romantic box of chocolate! The main Love and Money story revolves around a beautiful young woman who is seeking Love by wandering through the park where a writer is writing his story. He makes up some thugs who are trying to kidnap the girl. Where thugs are, a brave hero who rescues the girl can't be missing.

What a love plot! No wonder the Wild Writer and Cupid are special symbols. No wonder this game is a wild Valentines slot!

Find Your Match At The Beach

One might want to spend their time with the hottest Valentine slot among them all. Head over to Love Beach, powered by Dragon Gaming, and enjoy delicious drinks and hot spins, finding Love Boxes! Release the free spin feature with multipliers with just a few spins. There's no need to dig in the sand; just spin the reels and get lucky. 

Even More Romantic Gestures

We see hearts all over the place when our community members are happy. All we want to do is to support you to trigger the maximum winnings. Check out our love-filled promotions in February, and believe in the faith of romance! Special bonuses are waiting for you, so top up your real balance, activate a deposit bonus, and go wild at the love slots. Witness love blooming with our Valentine slots!

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