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Prepare with us for Valentines Day!


Be my Match in the Month of Love❤️

Roses falling from the sky, a choir of angels singing, and sparkle of hearts in your eyes. This is how many would picture LOVE while meeting the one and only for your life. It can happen any day, so why not celebrate love with a dedicated day? 

February the 14th can mean different things to different people, but it has certainly become one of the most important days in western society’s calendars. For many people, it’s celebrated as Valentine’s Day, where items like DIY Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped items fill the store stands. Others consider it as much more as they celebrate friendship and enjoy the time spent together with loved ones.

The History of V-Day

As it seems it is originated as a minor western Christian feast day honoring two early Christian martyrs named Valentin. Emperor Claudius II executed the two men of the Name Valentine on the 14th of February. Another story tells about a man called Valentin from Rom. This man married soldiers who weren't allowed to be married and celebrated services for Christians during the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. 

The Feast of Saint Valentine was established in year 496 to be celebrated on February 14, in honor of the Christian martyr Saint Valentine of Rome, who died on that date in year 269.

Nowadays people associate it with romantic love and Valentine’s Day Gifts, as well as an opportunity to enjoy valentine themed items such as Valentine’s Slots at Slots Capital!


Why is Cupid the Face of Valentine's Day? 

What would be Valentine's Day without the Cupid - that popular winged character that is portrayed holding a bow full of heart-pointed arrows. The Cupid is perhaps more popular than the original St. Valentine's story. In Roman Mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus - goddess of love and beauty. Those who are being hit by his arrow are falling in love instantly. 

The Cupid, also named Amor or Eros, sometimes is shown blindfolded, because Love is blind! No doubt as to why this character is considered the face of Valentine’s Day!

Shakespeare's legacy

Valentine's day appeared in "Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Hamlet" since the 17th Century, written by no other than Shakespeare. He is the legendary poet and playwriter, regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's greatest dramatist. In his pieces, Valentine's Day is linked to the superstition that if two single people meet on the morning of Saint Valentine's Day they will likely get married.


Celebration of Love all around the World

Valentine’s day is celebrated in all corners of the world, with little changes on the way. Each culture celebrates the holiday with their loved ones with their tradition.

In Denmark, people are gifting presents anonymously. The receiver of the present has to guess the right sender. Additionally, the Danes are gifting white flowers called snowdrops instead of roses. In France, they host an event called the loterie d'amour, or "drawing for love”, where people get paired with a random “Valentine” by taking turns.

In South Korea, Valentine’s Day gift-giving starts on February 14th, but there women treat men with chocolates, candies, and flowers. One month later the tables turn. On March 14th, White Day, men now give the girls chocolates, flowers, and an extra gift!

Valentines Day Traditions

Valentine's Day is being celebrated all around the globe with different traditions. But for sure, there are also some classic ones you must have heard of. 

Writing love letters is a romantic way to express your feelings to your significant other. DIY cards are getting more and more popular. You can craft them in all shapes and sizes and once it is finished, you can include short love quotes. Only in the United States, around 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, and it’s now a major source of economic activity.

Very popular are marriage proposals on Valentine's day. It is often chosen as the best day to express their love. What is more romantic than asking one to spend the rest of your lives together?

Last but not least; the Slots Capital Tradition of spinning Valentine's slots reels together, with excitement to hit the big win! Particularly Rival Slots offer players some of the best Valentine-themed titles, with the best-animated effects around. Keep on reading to find the slots of Love, that we recommend! 


Why is it called "Be my Valentine"?

It is very common to call the recipient of Valentine's Gift your "Valentines". The legend says, that St. Valentine healed the blindness of the daughter of his overseer while in jail. Before his execution, he wrote her a farewell letter signed "Your Valentine". Seems as the legacy kept strong and now is used to show affection.

All about gifting in the month of love

It has always been a tradition for lovers to exchange presents, with the most popular being flowers, Valentine’s Day cards, and chocolate. A flower bouquet has been a symbol of love at least since the 17th century. The flower that often is associated with love is a rose. The rose is supposed to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love because it stood for strong feelings. Chocolate has been extremely popular in the western world since Spanish explorers brought it from the New World in the 17th century.

Where traditions are, Slots Captial isn't far away. We love our players and to show them our appreciation, for sure we are prepared for the month of love! Keep reading to find your portion of love from us!


Lovely activities on V-day

Actions are speaking louder than gifts. Instead of feeling pressured to buy expensive Valentine's gifts, many people prefer to choose fun activities that will make you both enjoy the moment. 

  1. In the month of love, take your significant other by the hand and show them your favorite part of the city by walking through it. Finish the day with a relaxed evening with a lovely movie, popcorn, and some cuddles.
  2. Love finds its way through the stomach, so why not take the time to cook something together? We are sure a dinner night would surprise your loved one. Cook a fantastic Coconut Curry Chicken, and for dessert what about strawberries covered in chocolate?
  3. If you share the passion for winnings, have a fun night while playing the most popular Valentine’s Slots at Slots Capital. 


Best slots to play in the month of love

Whether you like to celebrate Valentine's day or not, most online casinos feature Valentine's slots - many with extra bonuses and promotions. We love such special days like Valentine's day. Therefore we have lovely Rival Slot titles packed with love and lovable prizes for you! 

Swinging Sweethearts:

This Rival Slot is Valentine’s Day-inspired game show with great design and fun characters like the blonde Bernadette and the geeky Dale! Help Bernadette to win a date or amazing prizes. While spinning the reels in this game, helping Bernadette, also you can win amazing rewards! Slick Rick, the show’s host can trigger 5 Swinging Free Spins in which Wild Bernadette will multiply prizes 12x if he appears 3 or more times.

Mighty Aphrodite:

This Rival Slot features the goddess of love herself, with stunning visual design and neatly crafted symbols. This 5-reel and 25-payline slot is packed with very rewarding bonus symbols. The game’s Wild symbol is represented by Aphrodite herself appearing in stacked formations on the reels!

Cupid and Pegasus join Aphrodite, with other divine icons such as seashells, a golden harp, big hearts, and many more. Everything you need to celebrate the month of love!

For Love and Money:

Couples can get together for love but also for Money! And that’s what this 5-reel and 15-payline Rival Slot is Valentine’s Slot is inspired by! It features symbols of love and Valentine’s presents like a romantic box of chocolate! The main love and money story revolves around a beautiful young woman who is seeking love by wandering through the park where a writer is writing his story. The writer then creates a story. He creates some thugs who are trying to kidnap the girl. Where thugs are, a brave hero that rescues the girl, can't be missing. What a love plot! No wonder that the Wild Writer and Cupid are special symbols.

Roses and butterflies in the month of love

Roses are red, violets are blue, 
one thing for sure, we love you!

When talking about the wonderful feeling of love, almost automatically roses are coming to our mind. In the Victorian era, people gave roses as Valentine's gifts, especially the red ones which meant romance. 

Did you know, that there might be another reason why we think of roses when it's said someone was given a flower bouquet on Valentine's day? Similar to love, Roses can flourish and bloom any season and any day, including the month of love, February! Rose growers can control what temperature they’re stored at to make them open just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Who isn't getting the tickling feeling in the stomach, when giving Valentine's gifts to someone we love. The butterflies just make the moment even more precious

No matter how we express our love for Valentine’s Day, we will always find a good Valentine’s Slot powered by Rival. Rival Slots has the best games to express your feelings and win great prizes along the way, and these three Valentine’s-themed titles will get you in the mood for some romantic inspiration to win!


Enjoy three amazing bonuses for the month of Love at Slots Capital!

Let us be your luck cupid. Shooting portions of luck and love to you, aiming to find the big winnings at the month of love slots. Check out our love-filled promotions in February and believe in the faith of romance!

Code Description Timeframe

20 Free spins for Queen of Hearts

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Feb 14-28. 2022

HUGS 200% Bonus + 20 Free Spins on Mighty Aphrodite Feb 14-28. 2022
SWEETHEART 300% Bonus + 30 Free Spins on Love and Money Feb 14-28. 2022

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