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Easter Bunny

This year has not started in a way we all would have wished for. With the pandemic going on, most are worried. However, there is no need to be worried when playing at Slots Capital. We got the games, we got the fun and we got the lovely Easter Bonus you are looking for! Let's see, how you can make this Easter great, without a worry.

Have a Lucky Easter 2020!

April is here, and while many are worried about the current health situation, many of them seek for some good distraction. For example welcome the new month by doing April Fool’s pranks on each other. But April not all about April Fool's Pranks. Others pay more attention to the coming of Easter - a colorful festival celebrated by millions all over the world to commemorate how beautiful new life can be. Easter 2020 will be celebrated on Sunday April 12, and in many countries the week before contains other holidays to prepare themselves for the most blooming event of the year.

The preparations for Easter is an exciting, fun, colorful and of course an entertaining task to keep the mind busy with the beautiful part of the life. The preparations include Easter customs, which vary across the world, with many countries celebrating it in different ways. From the traditional ways to pay tribute, to more popular customs. In a year covered by a pandemic coat, we need to adjust our activities at Easter. It is not recommended to meet a lot of people but rather you should stay with your family. Keep on reading to find out what you can do at home, to celebrate Easter in a comfortable surrounding without spending a negative thought.

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Stay-at-Home Easter Festive

Wherever you celebrate Easter this year with your family, roommate or on your own. Make the best of the time, enjoying whatever you are up for. If you are a bit lost in your thoughts, let us spread some sight of what you could do, to make it a memorable Easter 2020.

Easter Quality time with your family

When staying home with your close ones, it does not mean that it has to be boring at all. Bring the life and the colors from the outside world in your living room, kitchen, and hallway! Put up the cutest Easter decoration you can find or craft it. From the Easter Bunny to the Chicken who lays the eggs. Decorating your private space is not only fun but it puts the level of excitement definitely higher than it was before. But besides putting up the decoration, there are other things you can do to make Easter a cozy one.

Decorating Eggs

The eggs - a precious symbol for new life. New life needs to be celebrated with color, no wonder decorating eggs is probably the most popular thing to do at Easter. From the classic way of one color per egg or the fancy, time-intense way of decorating your egg- Your creativity can be as vivid as you want!

Mix 1/4 teaspoon of food color with 1 teaspoon of vinegar together. The mixture then needs to be combined with 3/4 cup of water. Then you are ready to dye the egg in it. For light colors, you may want to get the egg out of the liquid earlier as if you are aiming for a dark intense color. Put the dyed egg aside and give it time to dry. Please keep in mind for every dye you would need a separate cup.

Create Easter bunny look-alikes using googly eyes, cardboard, cotton wool, or other material. To create these you might want to use a wooden egg, especially if you need to put on a decent pressure to glue the materials on the egg. If you want to go for a more nature orientated look you may use dried and pressed leaves or flowers. As said earlier, let your creativity flow without limitations.

Easter Bunny

Indoors egg-hunt with the family

In other circumstances, you would host an egg-citing egg hunt outside with all your friends and their kids. If not hosting such an event, you would attend one.

You have more than one child at home where one is the clever fox, finding the eggs with ease, while the other one has some struggles? Well, make the game a bit harder for the smart fox. Use two different colors for the eggs and hide an equal amount of eggs per color. Assign each color to one of your kids, meaning they are only allowed to put the eggs of the assigned color in their basket. Easter Egg hunt like a pro!

Family cooking

Who doesn't love a tasty Easter dinner, prepared with lots of love? Instead of standing alone in the kitchen, use the time you have with your family. Get the whole family involved in the preparations for Easter Dinner! With that move, you are having two birds with one stone. Fun time with the family and less time in standing in the kitchen. Also, a laugh here and there is for sure guaranteed.

Easter Bunny

Quality time for your entertainment

As fun and entertaining as an action-loaded day with the kids may be, you also want some time to enjoy the Easter celebration like an adult. Enjoying a glass of wine and enjoying the Easter Bonus at Slots Capital, sounds like a good plan for you? We are happy to hear that, yet, we want to provide you with some other Easter Games - the adult version.

Wine-filled Easter Egg-Hunt: Single serving wines can be the perfect treasure hidden inside decorated Easter eggs, so adults can emulate the little ones with something slightly different inside them.

Recipe Easter Eggs: If alcohol is not your thing, fill each decorated egg with a different recipe! This is a fun way to cook a surprise meal lying inside the eggs, by randomly picking up one and finding out what you’re having for dinner! Collect all the eggs and crack them each after each for more Dinner surprises in the future. This is super useful and fun when you have no idea what you want to cook.

Easter egg treasure hunt: Instead of candy, try putting out a series of clues inside Easter eggs that lead to a grand prize! This is a great activity if you’re trying to surprise a loved one with a gift card, a new shirt, or even a beer 6-pack.

Easter Piñata: If running around looking for eggs isn’t your thing, try making or buying an Easter Piñata in the shape of an egg and stuff it with adult prizes like lottery tickets, plastic bottles of booze, and (why not?) candy!

Enjoying the slots: It's late at night but you are still awake, looking for some fun? Log into your Slots Capital account and hop on our Easter Bonus!

The myth of happy hoppy Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny originated among German Lutherans as the one who actually brought the Easter eggs. The bunny played the role of a judge, evaluating whether children were good or bad before the Easter season - thus showing similarities to Santa Claus.

In the 16th Century, German immigrants brought the tradition of an egg-laying hare to America, where children made nests for the bunny to lay its colored eggs in. This popularized the tradition throughout the country and eventually all over the world!

Easter slots

Many people around the world also enjoy spending their time indoors playing their favorite Easter Slot Games while enjoying the holiday. Easter 2020 can be a lucky year for online slots fans at your favorite online casino with the Easter-themed title ‘Eggstravaganza’!

Welcome the coming of Spring and celebrate Easter alongside lovable Easter bunnies and other animals in Spring Meadow. Players can instantly win prizes for lining-up all of the animals in this 3-reel slot from Rival Powered, as well as get Bouncing Bunny free spins as bunnies bounce around your screen: 1 bunny rewards bettors with 5 free spins, while 2 bouncing bunnies mean 10 free spins with triple prizes! Eggstravaganza also features a pay-table displayed on the left hand side of the screen for players to use as reference.

Easter Slot Games are increasing in popularity lately around the world, and Eggstravaganza will capture the attention of thousands of casino community members hungry to win big this Easter. Its cartoony looks set in a rural field make players immerse themselves in a different world filled with cute animals and of course Easter bunnies.

Easter activities to look forward to

Easter is now also commercially important around the world, with Easter greeting cards, chocolate Easter bunnies, and Easter eggs, as well as other Easter foods available for sale, broadening the celebration.

This year we may all have to stay inside but the future is bright! A look in the crystal Easter Egg shows, that soon we will be able to enjoy the company of friends at Easter gatherings while having lots of fun. Child entertainers may look forward to celebrating Easter with the young ones again, with all the fun games like egg rolling, egg tapping, egg dancing, and even egg-eating competitions!

Young and old are looking forward to attending the Easter parade, watching out for the best costumes and fantastic music. Meeting new people at such events is what we definitely want to aim for.

Last but not least, let's also look forward to the many new promotions at Slots Capital, which will provide you with more for your money, excitement, and winnings!

 Cheers to that and Happy Easter!

Hop on our Easter Bonus as it is time to start to play!


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