Easter is just a jump away. Join the Easter egg hunt and find a basket full of Easter promotions!

What Easter is about, what eggstravaganza is going on at Slots Capital, what Easter bunnies slots you can play, and what exclusive information you should know - we'll cover all below!

meadow with a chocolate bunny and colored easter eggs on it

Why are We Celebrating Easter?

Easter has, like many holidays, its origins in religion. It is about the circle of life, with its highs and lows, and we celebrate it most colorfully. We take the time to appreciate what we have and had, paying tribute to those who have passed and the new life spring season offers us.

The bees, the birds, and the animals from the hibernation are returning. Flowers start to bloom, making the world a colorful place again. When everything is awakened after the Winter, make your bet that the glitter in your eyes is also sparkling. If not by nature awakening, then by the Easter-themed bonuses in your Casino Cashier!

Cash Prizes After the Moderating Period

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the moderating period. It is said that the time to abstain is 40 days long; however, if you look closely at the calendar, you will notice that it is slightly longer. The reason why the moderation time is longer is that Sundays are not included in this time frame. This time is used to prepare for the return of life celebration - Easter.

There are various reasons for people to moderate themselves. The most popular is health-related moderation. For some, it is the consumption of sweets to get healthier. For some, it is the amount of cigarettes in those 40 days.

The Easter celebration marks the end of the 40 days of moderation. It's the ray of sunshine after a long period for many people. New players are happy when they find a new casino to win with the Easter casino promos. At the same time, existing players will feel the joy and the excitement of an online casino eggstravaganza more intensely by then.

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When is Easter in 2024?

As you might have noticed, Easter is never on the same day. Usually, Easter occurs either in March or April, but it does not depend on the month or weather. The lunisolar calendar determines the date for Easter and its holidays. Long story short, we celebrate Easter on March 31, 2024.

Did you know that the earliest Easter in history fell on March 22nd in 1761 and 1818? The latest Easter celebration so far was April 24th, back in 2011.

meadow with a chocolate bunny and colored easter eggs on it

Traditional Easter Celebration

Like many things, Easter is celebrated in different ways depending on the location. The Easter customs vary from traditions to modern and more colorful Easter practices. Some prefer sending Easter Lilies, sending Easter Cards, or wearing an Easter Bonnet to impress others. The modern way to celebrate is to decorate Easter eggs, do egg hunts, and even still love to attend Easter parades. Some things just don't change.

The annual Egg roll event at the White House is one of a kind, which, when you get the chance, should be attended at least once. This event is hosted by the President of the United States of America and the First Lady.

grey easter bunny holding a golden egg

The Online Casino Eggstravaganza

What do casinos and Easter have in common? One word: Eggstravaganza.

While the younger generation may hunt for Easter nests loaded with chocolate and colorful eggs, adults may seek winnings this Easter! The bunnies are already hopping at Slots Capital, and the Easter decorations are up. Of course, we have Easter-themed online casino games in our collection that you must have played. Play one of the blow games and trigger extreme winnings.

Bounding Luck

Bounding Luck, Betsoft's slot game is perfect for you! This Asian-themed casino game has many treats in the five reels and four lines. With the golden bunny coin as a scatter and big winning waves as a wild symbol, the successive big win is only a few spins away. Besides enjoying the cash you might end up with, you can glance at the typical Asian art style.

The free spins feature is topped by the free spins collection bonus, active during the free spins feature. There, it is possible to collect up to 15 golden rabbits. They then will upgrade other icons appearing, meaning higher chances to win. In Bounding Luck, you may not find typical Easter bunnies, yet big prizes will await you in 1024 ways!

Year of the Rabbit

With the precious golden rabbit as a wild symbol, the golden plate as a scatter icon, and an overall celebratory atmosphere, we are sure you will complete the spins with some wins.

10 Free spins are awarded when three or more scatters appear on the slot field. Only higher-value icons appear in the free spin round, preparing you for huge rewards. While spinning the reels of Year of the Rabbit, you may randomly activate the bonus round by one or more wild symbols appearing.

With the bonus round, you can win one of four jackpots. The mini jackpot rewards you with a 30x total bet, the minor with a 50x total bet, the major jackpot pays a 100x total bet, and with the grand jackpot 1000x, the total bet is in the basket!

Bunny Bucks

Easter is full of surprises, but we can't wait to tease you here. Bunny Bucks delivers the Easter spirit with all its elements. From the Chicken to the golden Egg, from the hollow chocolate bunny to the basket, you may find them all on this brand-new five-reel slot game. It is the definition of an Easter bunny money slot!

Besides the classic Easter items, you may see the bunny hopping on your slots. You will be awarded free spins when the bunny hops its way on the reels at least three times in one spin. The Easter spirit is in your favor, as the free spins can be re-triggered.

Trigger the Golden Easter Egg in a corner on the reels, and it will stick there. It will be a sticky wild and show up at the other four positions on the reels, granting two free re-spins. The best is yet to come. This year, your Easter will double your Easter excitement as never before. With two progressive jackpots, the Mystery Jackpot and the Super Slots Jackpot, we are sure the bucks will be all yours once triggered.

The Eggstravaganza

What would be Easter without the Egg-stravaganza slot game? This bright-colored three-reel, one-liner casino slot game is all about sweetness, cuteness, and winnings! With its cute and colorful flair, you surely will be in the mood for Easter celebrations.

The bow tie-wearing bunny is awarding you with five free spins upon appearing. Ten free spins will be ready to play for you if it appears twice! Maximize your winnings per spin by 2500 times the coin value you have placed your bet with. Sweet and joyful winnings are just one spin away.

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The Bunny and the Chicken

Two animals are pretty popular when it comes to Easter and its being. We are talking about the Easter bunny and the chicken.

The Easter bunny brings and hides the surprises, as the belief is saying. The myth about the bunny originated among German Lutherans. It is a cute animal and an important symbol for the festive. The bunny is a representation of fertility, procreative power, and rebirth.

As famous as the bunny, the Easter chicken is trendy and common. The chicken is not randomly another symbol around Easter time. The chicken, which hatches from an egg, symbolizes rebirth. The egg itself symbolizes the new life we are celebrating at Easter.

baby chicken with a pink bow on its head cracking out of a purple colored easter egg

Delicious Food on Easter Sunday

Easter has so much to offer those ready to taste it. As with the traditions, a typical Easter dish may vary from location. However, a few items are aligned closely and almost everywhere on the Easter Agenda.

Peeled Like an Egg...

Decorating the eggs at Easter is part of its preparation. There are many ways how to color your eggs. In the early years, the eggs were colored red to symbolize the end of a life cycle.

An easy way to color the Easter eggs is by using food colors. You only have to buy and mix the food color with water and vinegar. In this mixture, you put the egg for a specific time and cool it down after you are done. Coloring Easter eggs is especially fun with children.

In England and many European countries, a traditional game around Easter is "Egg tapping." It contains hard-boiled eggs and two players per round. Each player is distributed an egg. Then, one player is hitting the opponent's egg with its egg. The player whose egg cracks first loses.

Ham-azingly Good Around the Globe

The most popular food to eat on Easter Sunday is Ham in various variations. Preparing the ham in the oven or frying it in a pan doesn't matter as long as it is ham. In many countries, the ham needs to be blessed as an Easter tradition before you can eat it. This year, we suggest you try our Raspberry glazed ham recipe. No worries; on this page, you will also find a recipe for scalloped Zucchini.

All About the Sweets

As the Pinata is filled up, so are the Easter baskets filled with tasty sweets. Hollow Chocolate Bunnies and eggs just can't be missed in an Easter basket! The reason why it was created to be hollow is a reasonable one. It would be impossible to enjoy the chocolate if it were a massive piece of chocolate, like the chocolate bar.

Ever bit into an old bread? Yeah, that's how it would feel. Easter is there to be enjoyed with all its colors, points of pride, and peaks. Therefore, the chocolate bunnies are hollow, and the best Easter casino bonuses are bulging at Slots Capital Casino for you!

easter basket filled with colored eggs and a hallow chocolate bunny

If you rather want the Easter basket to be filled with anything else besides the sweet and delicious candy, you can always come up with other fillers. "Taste of Home" has worked on a collection of items you can add. If you need some inspiration, you can check the no-candy Easter basket stuffers ideas.

Crack the Egg and Get Surprised!

Many online casinos release deposit bonuses and free spins around the Easter Eggstravaganza. The best bonuses are enjoyed in a fun way, right? So search no longer, friend. Sign up at Slots Capital Casino and participate in spinning the slots where the Easter Bunny hides. The Easter wheel is waiting; Play responsibly and enjoy the Easter bonuses topping up your balance.

Don't worry, be hoppy and have a Happy Easter! 

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