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Do you want to cash out your winnings faster than usual? Crypto withdrawals are your answer!

Cryptocurrencies have quietly and secretly moved into the Slots Capital Cashier section. What exactly is it all about, what to note, and what to keep in mind - we'll give you insights into different aspects and benefits with the easy-going cross-border payments to your wallet, aka. Crypto Payouts!

What Is A Payout? 

You all know, probably, but for the record, a payout is when you retrieve funds from your Slots Capital Casino account. In order to receive your well-deserved winnings, you have to request the withdrawal first, and then it will be processed.

In the process, your account will be reviewed, and your identity will be confirmed through account verification. We want to make sure that the winnings are reaching the rightful owner. If the account verification is outstanding, we will send you an email with the required documents to complete the process. Once everything is confirmed and the casino rules are followed, the money is sent your way.

Are Crypto Payouts Different?

A short time ago, crypto methods were only available to fund your gaming account. Now, you can also withdraw using Bitcoin. Isn't that great?

Cashing out with secure crypto payouts is even easier than depositing with crypto. We've covered the aspect of how to transfer funds using Bitcoin to deposit to Slots Capital Casino in the past. With crypto withdrawals, the funds reach you faster than other withdrawal methods.

In addition to the funds reaching you faster, another advantage is that there is no third party involved. This means you have instant access to your crypto asset.

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What Are Crypto Currencies?

Nowadays, crypto is so much more than just "internet cash." The world of cryptocurrency is exciting and revolutionary and offers huge freedom compared to traditional banking systems. It was funded in 2008 with Bitcoin, the one that is undefeated so far. With time, many other crypto methods came after Bitcoin, but none could reach even close to the success of the very first. There are Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Lightning, and so much more. All of them are the alternatives to regular cash business that the world needs.

The freedom a crypto transaction comes with is massive! The freedom includes transactions across countries and continents without little to no fees at all, with no 3rd party involved, and within the blink of an eye, the money is sent and received. But let's focus on the payouts with cryptocurrencies, as you can find detailed information on cryptocurrencies and what exactly they are in the casino blog.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Supported For A Withdrawal?

At the moment, you can withdraw your cash, dollars, winnings, or anything else you want to name it with Bitcoin from your cashier. Simply click on the 'Withdraw' tab at the top and then on the Bitcoin icon. After that, you can request your crypto payout in easy steps.

The Four Steps To Your Crypto Payment

In order to receive your winnings, you have to have an e-wallet. As soon as you are proud owner of one, you are ready to receive the funds. In four easy steps, you can receive the requested payments to your e-wallet.

One of the many benefits that come with using crypto payouts is that they work like an express withdrawal. Bitcoin and other forms of cryptos are like high-speed transactions. Almost instantly, the funds reach your side through the blockchain network.

screenshot of how to request your crypto withdrawal at Slots Capital Casino

  1. Enter the desired amount from your cashier in the withdrawal section

  2. Log into your crypto wallet and copy the crypto address

  3. Copy your wallet address into the recipient's information in the cashier

  4. Click on 'WITHDRAW'

After the withdrawal request is initiated, we are working to process it as fast as we can. Once it's approved, your funds are sent your way through the blockchain system. Compared to bank wire payouts, crypto payouts are express transactions. Almost instantly, the payment should show up in the recipient's e-wallet.

On a side note, players from South Africa are welcome to use Payz or a wire transfer for their withdrawals. Once crypto payouts are available for South African players, the button will show up in the cashier.

What Is A Crypto Wallet?

When you need to store your cryptos, you search for a crypto wallet. 'Crypto wallet' is just another word for e-wallet. These wallets are either software programs, platforms, or physical devices.

Not only do they keep your crypto funds and withdrawals safe, but also your private keys for transactions. There are no country restrictions when you transfer funds from your wallet.

What Crypto Wallets Are Supported?

In the end, it doesn't matter which app or e-wallet you choose to store and do business with your crypto assets. As long as you are happy with the interface and the user-friendliness of it, you can receive your crypto payouts once you sign in at the desired provider.

Blue djini holding two huge Bitcoin Coins in his arms

How Much Can I Withdraw With Crpyto?

The minimum amount for a withdrawal transaction is $100. You may request a payout from your cashier once every seven days. This is a moving time window and is not applicable to weekdays. We would suggest always using the same wallet address when requesting a payout.

Using multiple addresses might only cause confusion as to not knowing which wallet you got the winnings paid to. Although all the wallets (if you use multiple providers) are connected to you, it will be a hassle for you to check in on each and every one of them. Thus, sticking to one wallet to manage your crypto businesses is highly recommended.

Are There More Questions?

Slots Lotty's blog and the casino blog are good sources for satisfying your thirst for crypto information. Whenever there is something new, rest assured you will find the information here.

If you have any questions about receiving a payout with crypto, feel free to contact the customer support team 24/7! Our team is happy to help you with any subject pertaining to crypto payouts and crypto transactions.

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