Women's Equality Day is just around the corner; with it, we celebrate colossal success and a bright future. Put your Sleeves up and get right into it!

With many empowering movements for female growth, Women's Equality Day being one of them, we celebrate growth, success, and positive societal change.

On August 26th, Women's equality day is on the agenda. But what is it about and why is it on that day? Slots Capital will help you get up to date with everything!

What's Women's Equality Day About?

Women's Equality Day is about celebrating voting rights for both biological genders! Why do we say 'biological genders'? Because back in the times, the genders were divided into only men and women.

Until 1920 only men had the right to vote. The women's suffrage movement worked hard and was successful. With the adaption of the nineteenth amendment to the Constitution of the united states, this was a thing of the past. The amendment forced the government and the state itself to include everyone in the voting without considering their gender.

Women's Equality Day symbolized through a female hand putting a vote into a brown voting box

Women's Equality Day celebrations took place in 1971 for the first time, and two years later, it was designed by Congress. Each year the united states president proclaims it to reminisce on the growth.

Why Is It On August 26?

August 26th was chosen for Women's Equality Day as a reminder of 1920 when the proclamation was signed. Congresswoman Bella Abzug proposed designing August 26th as Women's Equality Day after two happenings. One was in 1970, when there was a national women's strike for equality; the other, three years later, in 1973, as the fight for equal rights continued.

This year, August 26 falls on a Saturday, allowing you to embrace and celebrate it thoroughly. Women's Equality Day is not a public holiday, but since it falls on a weekend, you can throw a party to celebrate women's rights to vote!

Isn't It All The Same?

Women's rights, gender equality day, Women's Equality Day, Women's Day, and all other empowering days are not the same.

They represent different milestones within the feminist movements, yet all work towards one goal. They are empowering women in society around the globe, supporting their growth, and letting them bloom in full power.

Why Are These Movements Important?

The movements, including Women's Equality Day, are crucial to remind the public of the success and growth from the past to now. To avoid sex discrimination, full and equal participation is required. Voting rights may have been only the first step, but we must admit many inequalities still exist.

Three female fists in the air and a speaking bubble with "Girl Power" over them!

Therefore annually, we celebrate Women's equality day, women's Day, and so on to raise awareness of the ongoing differences between genders.

How To Celebrate Women's Equality Day Best?

Each year it gives us a chance to think back to the women who marched together and worked to get the right to vote! The community is thankful for the females in the past who stood up and spoke about what's on their chest, impacting the country's direction to a more equal one for everyone!

Some throw parties, and some enjoy it in silence. And then, there are some who may not make verbal statements but rather silent statements to show their commitment. Ladies who want to raise awareness may wear a specific color on Women's Equality Day.

The color some are embracing on August 26th is purple, symbolically representing justice, dignity, and being loyal to something. It aims to represent the fight for equality for the genders, which you may notice in the colors of Women's Day too!

Women's Equality Day In The Workplace

With the success of the past, we are so used to seeing women having an impact in virtually every sector of work life and society! Some may seem small, but overall, it heaps up! Ladies, if leaders or waitresses contribute to America's quality of life! Every mother, every sister, and basically every female is making life a better place with their ideas, mindset, and hands-on mentality.

Women have won in the past, and many see potential in further wins for a bright future. If you want change, you have to be the change. Or how was the saying? #bossbabe

Celebrating Women's Equality Day At Slots Capital

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A Goodie To Empower Your Gameplay!

We have a juicy bonus for you to celebrate the historic event of voting rights for everyone! At Slots Capital, we cheer for those making a difference, and we support everyone! Therefore we've prepared a stunning 300% Bonus for you! The bonus will be available from Women's Equality Day (August 26th) until 31st of August

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