Hi there lovely beings, I am Lotty and I am thrilled that you stopped by my Blog! 


I am a writer and a passionate player of Slot Games. I love the wonderful world of sparkling Jackpots, and the excitement of spinning! 

I love musicals, classic Hollywood movies and I am dying for the style and charm of the 50´s!

I was born and raised in a little village in Alaska in a very poor family. My godmother was a native Alaskan and when I was born she blessed me. When I started primary school I realized that the blessing really worked!  I was cleaning in a hotel, close to home in our village and I knew this job will not help my family out of the scrap. So I took my very first salary, equal to $300 and went to the big city to find a casino. I knew this was my only chance…

I had no idea of the games, and Roulette seemed to be an easy one. I put all my salary of a month on red 21. The bets were high, and I knew I can lose everything! But I had to try and I believed that something good is going to happen that day. Kind of manifesting luck! So I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and stopped breathing while the roulette was spinning. I just heard someone saying “congratulations” then I opened my eyes. I won! I won $100 000! I could help my family and my life took a 180 degrees change! I realized I can manifest luck with my will as a result of the blessing of my dear godmother!

When I turned 19 I started to travel around the world and I was fascinated by the different casinos I visited! It was just all so fancy and magical, like the time stops there. What a wonderful world! It was like home to me. I helped people to find luck with my special super power and make their dreams come true! Now I can call Slots Capital my home and so damn happy to belong to this huge loving family! We are making dreams come true here, with a little touch of luck!

Enjoy our exciting games, wherever you wish! You can play with us on the go on your mobile device, and I will take care that you get a little luck, just enough to win!


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