From ancient goddess worship in the slots to modern-day traditions, you can maintain to make your mother figure's day.

A mother's birthday is worth celebrating. The same goes for the special day all mothers share Mother's Day. Let's have a closer look at this national holiday observed around the world. Explore the history and significance of Mother's Day while spinning the Mother's Day slot games at Slots Capital.

The Why And When Of Mother's Day

Although it is not held on the same day around the globe, it is another essential event example of showing appreciation and celebrating motherhood and the love of a mother, wherever you are. While in some countries, it is celebrated on other days, in the States, Mother's Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May.

The mother of Anna Jarvis had organized groups of women to promote and celebrate friendship and health. Women support women. When she passed away, Anna Jarvis held a memorial service for her mother. Within the following five years, the day found its way to becoming a national holiday.

Anna Jarvis, the one originating Mother's Day, said one should wear a white carnation to pay tribute to one's mother. The meaning behind the flower color has changed to wearing a white carnation for a mother who was deceased and wearing a red or pink one representing a living mother. Nowadays, a flower bouquet is gifted to honor the mother figure.

Some might write "Mothers Day," and some use the proper way "Mother's Day." However you might write it, it should be fine without a major discussion on the day of the celebrations.

Why Moms And Mother Role Models Are Amazing

A mother carries us for nine months in her body, caring for and loving us even before we are born. One might deny it, but every mother loves her baby from the bottom of her heart. Nothing compares to the love of a mother - it is unique!

slots lotty wearing a blue shirt underneath a blouse, looking similar to superman, saying "Moms can do it all!

A mom is not just a person who brought you to life. It can also be a female person you admire and who perhaps even raised you but is not blood-related to you. A woman who is in the role of a mother is kind, protective towards her child, strong, and very intuitive. It seems as if this sense grows with the baby in her body. She will care her whole life for her family and its members. A mother is like a superhero. She gives the best advice, offers help wherever she can, and can heal almost every wound in the hearts with her superpowers, even if that means cooking deliciously.

Mama Mia! Funky Ideas For Mother's Day Activities That Will Make Her Day!

Before you spend all your money on gifts just to gift something, take a step back and think of what your mother, wife, or other might need or want. Maybe all the target mother does wish for is some quality time with you. Spending time with only her might mean the world to her, so skip a physical gift.

Love Goes Through The Stomach

Love finds its way through the stomach, it is said. So why not cook her favorite meal? It might even be more fun if the two of you join a cooking class to spend time together, followed by enjoying a fantastic meal. You might want to check the Sushi Bar slot for a visual appetizer. If you need more spice in your dish, the Spice Of Live slot offers you some inspiration.

Recharge Your Batteries At The Spa

What is more relaxing than a day at the spa? Right; a day in the spa resort with your go-to person! If you are a mother, wife, or girlfriend, all women enjoy being treated like a queen, right? Therefore a relaxing day at the spa, or perhaps a short vacation stay at the resort, will make her fall more for you. Her Mother's Day will be all about facemasks, massages, manicures, and pedicures this year.

What About Some Rock'n'Roll Action?

What would be a better bonding than listening to the same music and celebrating it with a live concert of the said artist? It will create long-lasting memories and is the perfect story to tell when one asks how you spent Mother's Day. If you both love the adrenaline pumping, what about a circus show? Get a foretaste of adrenaline with The Wild Show Slot game!

Go On A Shopping Spree!

Are you looking for a new outfit and your mother too? Combine it! Go on a shopping spree for the two of you and enjoy each other's company. Have fun, laugh a lot, and enjoy a well-deserved coffee afterward. If it happens to be the first Mother's Day of the said woman, a shopping spree will do her well. Finding a matching outfit for her and the child (or perhaps children) is fun. Make sure to take a picture once everyone is wearing the matching outfit!

yellow flowers in front of an orange background and a speech bubble saying "Happy Mother's Day"

Mother's Day Gifts That Will Leave Her Blushing

Some families or partners do live apart from each other. As living far apart, spending Mother's Day together may be challenging. If you, unfortunately, can not be there in person on Mother's Day but still want to surprise her with a gift, check out the following ideas.

Fun Time With The Mother's Day Inspired Casino Slots

If you know that your mother loves playing online casino slots at Slots Capital, you might support her best with a deposit to her gaming account. We promote a lot of bonus promotions your chosen one might redeem. It will boost the deposit gift, and she may share the money she just won with you in return!

Banking methods

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

You might not have to give diamonds away to celebrate Mother's Day, but personalized jewelry is possibly welcome. Depending on the woman's style, you can go for SwarovskiPandora, or even for pricey items from Angara. Most shops offer gift packaging if they need to be in a nice box. This way, you can present it in a lovely way to the mother you appreciate.

Coming From The Heart

Other gifts might be pricey, but this one costs you nothing but a postage stamp! Write a letter filled with words coming from your heart. The reader will catch all your emotions and perhaps get emotional herself. Mothers hear way too few how amazing they are or a thank you for all they did for their beloved ones. With a handwritten letter, she will be able to read it over and over again. In addition to the letter, you might send her a bouquet. Flowers are a classic when it comes to gifting.

Perfect Slot Games To Play On Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, we should have fun celebrating all the moms around the globe. It doesn't matter if it is a mother, a grandmother, or a daughter who is a mom-to-be. Every Mother's Day slot game has a fantastic base game, but we all know that the excitement comes with big prizes and fancy features. So here are some games you might want to spin during the Mother's Day celebrations.

Enjoy Relaxing In Oasis Dreams

Ever wanted to take a relaxing day in a dreamy location? The Oasis Dreams slot is the perfect one for you then! Powered by Quora, you will feel the warm breeze of the wind on your hair and the sun's warmth kissing your skin.

In Oasis Dreams, you may trigger one out of four jackpots in its 25 winning lines. With the treasure bonus feature, you may choose one of the shown treasure chests on the table. Free spins or a hold and spin feature will start upon the selected treasure. Dive into Oasis Dreams, where motherhood is celebrated with golden coins, scatter icons, and Jackpots!

Take It Easy Honey

Spin the reels inside the beehive and earn winnings as sweet as honey! With the lovely slot Easy Honey, from Saucify, the cash for the celebrations, the flowers for the bouquet, and the fun for the special day will be all yours! The flower symbols count towards the higher-valued symbols besides the bee.

If you ever see the queen of the hive going wild, then only because she's the wild symbol of Easy Honey! She's the mother of the beehive, and it is hers to honor to while spinning. With at least 3 of the feature icon, you will trigger the Flower Garden feature game.

A Cobra King To Make Your Day

A king will never say "no" to his queen's wishes, even if it means visiting the tale's world of 1001 Arabian nights. With magic wishes, huge prizes among the reels, wild symbols, and fantastic features, one's mother, for sure, is happy to put aside her daily life by enjoying the Mother's Day celebration in Cobra King!

On the side of the field, you can see the progress indicator of your collected genie lamps. When the gauge is complete, you will enter a new wish level. A new wish level brings different features. You can reach up to wish 3, and once that is completed, it will reset to wish level 1.

Whenever the Genie appears at least three times on the reels, you might have a wish for free ... spins! Genie casts its magic and will grant up to 20 free spins. Are you ready for a whole new world?

Three female slot characters, Queen Bee from Easy Honey, Princess from Cobra King and Warrior Girl from Oasis Dreams

Mother's Day Casino Promotions For Everyone!

To celebrate this fabulous day worldwide, we have fantastic Mother's Day casino promotions for you! You don't have to be a mother to enjoy the appreciation-inspired bonuses. The bonus promotions are for everyone!

Stay tuned to find here a fitting bonus for you soon! The bonuses might give you extra slot game credits, free spins, or funds back on top of your deposit.

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