Spectacular Sights and BIG Bonuses in Yellowstone!

Yellowstone National Park

Lotty has arrived in Yellowstone National Park! And her adventure began right off the bat. Within an hour of entering the park, Lotty saw a herd of bison grazing along a large valley. Behind them, a river flows past a hill of evergreen trees, beyond which is a mountain range cast in purple light.

"It was like playing a new slot and winning on the first spin," said Lotty of the experience. "I'd only seen photos of bison and buffalo. Seeing them in-person made me realize why this majestic creature has been considered sacred for thousands of years."

Lotty then made her way to the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the United State. But its size and 160-degree temperature weren't what impressed her most. Instead, it was the rainbow colors, a design akin to a gas spill in a puddle but just as natural as the sky after a rainstorm.

Then Lotty came across a bonus feature like something out of a 3D slot: the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. While not as magnificent as the Grand Canyon National park, this too featured massive cliffs divided by the huge waterfalls of a rapid river.

"It was like two national parks in one!" Lotty said as she looked out over the stunning views. "It was the real-life version of scoring a bonus feature on a slot that takes you to a separate set of reels within the same slot game."

Yellowstone National Park was an essential stop on Lotty's trip for Great Outdoors Month. What could possibly live up to it? Well, this is the US, where National Parks are known to exceed expectations...

Stay tuned!

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