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Great Outdoors Month Bonuses continue as Lotty heads East!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Lotty couldn't finish her tour of the national parks without a stop at the most popular one in the US. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park welcomes over 12 million visitors per year, which is even more than the number of players at Slots Capital.

And Lotty was on a mission to answer three questions:

·         What makes the mountains smoky?

·         How's the hiking?

·         What does it cost for Slots Capital members to come visit?

The mountains become smoky because of the water vapor from the over 100 different species of trees and bushes, which made it even more spectacular to Lotty. "It was like watching the mountains breathe in and out," she said. "The air was more crisp than a hundred dollar bill too, and worth more than a trillion dollars."

So too was the hiking. Lotty knew that she wanted to traverse every possible step through the Smoky Mountains National Park, and that's exactly what she did. With over 800 miles to explore, she had to set up camp, spending her nights watching the stars – unless there were clouds, which is when she'd play Slots Capital games on her mobile device.

And as for the price, Lotty was excited to let every one of her friends know that it's absolutely free to play at Smoky Mountains National Park.

"It's like the no-deposit signup bonus at Slots Capital," she said. "You can simply head right to where the action is, no need to pay a single dime. I can't wait to tell all my fellow Slots Capital players about this free chance to win an unforgettable experience.

There's a reason Smoky Mountains National Park (and Slots Capital) is so popular: it's free, fun, and never fails to amaze.

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