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Grand Canyon National Park

Lotty couldn't help but imagine how much she'd need to win at Slots Capital to be able to fill up the Grand Canyon with cash. "At least two, maybe even three progressive jackpots," she thought as she walked along the edge of the North Rim, which is the less popular and therefore less busy section of the park.

"No," she reconsidered, the sunset sparkling over what looks like an endless crevice carved out by God himself. "The Grand Canyon may be able to fit four Slots Capital jackpots."

All joking aside, there was no better way for Lotty to finish Great Outdoors Month than with a trip to the Grand Canyon.

She started in Las Vegas, where she played slots, blackjack, and more slots, then saw a magic show and some live music. The next day, Lotty took a sunrise helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, where she could see it all from an aerial view.

Then she was dropped off near the North Rim and made her way down to the bottom on the back of a donkey. The Colorado River met her below, where she got onto a raft and made her way through the curves of this Natural World Wonder. She was a mile deep, but she felt a million miles away from civilization.

Upon her return to the Las Vegas Strip, Lotty pulled open Slots Capital to find a game themed around the outdoors. It wasn't that she didn't want to play the Vegas slots, it's that she didn't want to leave the Grand Canyon. A wilderness-themed slot felt like the best of both worlds.

And exploring the top national parks in the US? As Lotty puts it: "It's like being on top of the world."

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