Is your Dad also your superhero?

While Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, there is an equivalent to it for the father figures. Obviously, both parents are being honored with a dedicated day for them. On the third Sunday of June, we are celebrating Father's Day in the states.

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When Is Father's Day 2023?

In 2023, Father's Day falls on June 18. Hopefully it will come with a fantastic weather, so you all can celebrate dad with your gift idea or entertain him with some activities.

Father's day is observed on the third Sunday of June. It became a thing shortly after mother's day was observed. When Sonora Smart Dodd heard the Mother's day sermon, she went to her pastor mentioning that father figures should have a similar celebration. It took some time until father's day was fully accepted.

By 1972 Father's day was made a permanent national holiday, signed into law by President Richard Nixon. Since back then, it is celebrated annually to honor fathers and those who step in as father figures, when the own father wasn't given.

Father's Day Around The Globe

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While many countries celebrate Father's Day on the same day as we do, there are other countries that honor fathers on a different day. Here are a few examples of when Father's Day is observed in 2023 in other countries:

  • Australia: September 3

  • Brazil: August 13

  • Dominican Rep. : July 30

  • Germany: May 18

  • Japan: June 20

A Gift Guide for Father's Day

For Mother's Day, it might be easier to organize gifts, you might think. But to be fair, gifts for one's father are as easily organized as Mother's Day gifts. Here are some gifts you might consider giving to your dad or your father figure.

A Sip Of Whiskey For Dad

Unlike Mother's Day, where you would rather give away a bottle of champagne, on Father's Day you can give away an exquisite bottle of Whiskey! If you have a liquor store close to your place, we'd recommend going there and asking stuff for the best bottle they can offer! Otherwise, you can check on the net and if you are lucky, you might be able to order it on Amazon.

Electronic Gadgets

Fathers like their tools and gadgets, aren't they? If you know what he has on his Wishlist, get it for him. Perhaps your mother can assist you with it a bit.

Supporting His Hobbies And Interests

If you have yet to learn, try to find out what your dad enjoys doing in his free time. You can either join him in those activities or simply support his time practicing those. It could be playing a musical instrument, gardening, spinning the slot reels, or any other hobby.

You can just show interest and plan your idea around his hobbies.

Thoughtful Greetings

Same as on Mother's Day, greeting cards are being given or sent away on the third Sunday in June. When kids are young, many schools take the time to create personalized self-crafted cards for their parents day. As an adult, people often buy cards but write lovely words inside them. Perhaps this year, you can craft a Father's Day card?

What Activities Can You Plan To Celebrate?

Some prefer gifts to be given away, and others prefer to spend quality time with their father. Quality time offers you a lot of activities you can do to strengthen the bond between the two of you. For many, it means spending Father's Day with their family.

Throw A BBQ

Who wouldn't be up for a delicious BBQ with Dad and the family? BBQs normally are pictured with the dads on the grill, so give him some time off. Stand on the griller yourself and surprise him with your grilling skills while he enjoys great talks and perhaps one booze.

Attend A Sport Event

Male parents are often connected to watching sports and enjoying seeing their favorite sports team playing. Imagine how much of a gift that would be for your father; spending time with you and, best, seeing their favorite team scoring and winning!

The Best Slots For Father's Day

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Why Father's Day Celebration Is Worth It!

It doesn't matter if you are up for Father's Day gifts or quality time. Your father will be happy to get some attention on the holiday.

comic lettering saying "Dad you are my superhero", blue, yellow and red colors in comic style

Cheers to all the dads and father figures who taught us to build and repair things. Those who raised and unconditionally loved us and will always support us when we need their hands!

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