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Cyber Monday at Slots Capital

Cyber Monday was initially intended to be focused on online shopping, but we want to give it a whole new definition with our Cyber Monday slots promotions and bonuses!

We know that Cyber Monday adult entertainment is very important for all our players, so, after enjoying Thanksgiving celebrations, they can start the month with amazing cyber real money bonuses and winnings. Start the holiday season on a high with Slots Capital’s Cyber Monday slots!

This year, Cyber Monday falls on December 2, but we at Slots Capital will give our members Cyber Monday slots with real money bonuses an extended run until December 6 to claim free spins and more! And while Cyber Monday grew out of millions of Americans buying online, after a weekend of Thanksgiving activities, from their high-speed Internet connection at work on the next Monday. At the time, most people didn’t have especially fast internet at home, but now everyone at Slots Capital can enjoy cyber Monday adult entertainment for five days straight at home or at work!

Cyber Monday Origins

The popular term was coined by Ellen Davis from the National Retail Federation in 2005 to refer to the biggest e-commerce sales day in America (with more than $3 million being spent online per year). Today, almost 15 years later, we can also find Cyber Monday adult entertainment deals, as well as discounts and promotions on several online sites. This is due to a recurring spike in online revenue and traffic on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

Cyber Monday is now observed in several countries around the world, just like Slots Capital Casino is available to play from anywhere in the world and enjoy our Cyber Monday slots with real money bonuses!

Favorite Things To Buy On Cyber Monday

While many shoppers still spend the month of November impatiently waiting for Black Friday to come, millions others are considering Cyber Monday as the real deal in terms of discounts and promotions!

Besides enjoying Slots Capital’s cyber real money bonuses, online users will also be able to see more deals on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday (besides, of course, Slots Capital which offer its members BOTH Cyber Monday Slots bonuses AND Black Friday Casino offers).

Retailers from different sites offer coupons and promotions to their users -just like our ‘Mighty Aphrodite’ Cyber Monday real money bonuses- which are worth tons of dollars in savings! Some of the favorite things for buyers to purchase on Cyber Monday are:

Toys: As well as in Black Friday, Cyber Monday tends to have more toy discounts and deals. Online retailers double amount of offers when compared to Black Friday on sites like Amazon, Disney, and Walmart.

Video Games: Cyber Monday sales also include deals on video game consoles and video games for all consoles more than any other day. For those gamers looking to buy titles online, each official console online store will offer discounts on some classic, and even some new games!

Cyber Monday Adult Entertainment: Cyber Monday is a great time of the year to check online casino sites which always offer cyber real money bonuses to their newcomers and long-time members alike!

Laptops: In 2018, buyers saw the same amount of laptop deals on Cyber Monday and Black Friday which went as high as to have 30% off laptops, worth hundreds of dollars.

Beauty Products: 78% of beauty deals were listed during Cyber Monday 2018. Buyers need to keep an eye on this one to save real money!

Smart Homes: A big chunk of online buyers are already planning to look for smart home deals this upcoming Cyber Monday. This rising technology is on the radar of thousands of families who are looking to interact with their smart home automation.

Cyber Monday or Black Friday?

When comparing the two days, it is Cyber Monday who gets the better deals overall, which might be due to consumers shifting to online purchasing channels instead of physical retail stores: Research has shown that Cyber Monday’s average savings peaked at 21%, while Black Friday savings peaked at 18.5%.

Real money savings aren’t the only thing to look for, as both days have promotions on different product categories, such as video games, audio components, gadgets and even on cyber Monday adult entertainment with online casino real money bonuses for selected slots that last for the whole week.

On Black Friday, the biggest retailers like Walmart and Best Buy offer the best deals on more expensive items, and long-term buys. On the other hand, Cyber Monday is a perfect opportunity to buy from resellers and online stores such as Amazon or Ebay, as well as from other smaller ones.

Fans of online gaming will be able to enjoy both days to enjoy the bonuses that sites like Slots Capital have to offer. In the case of our Cyber Monday slots promotions, members will be able to redeem them during five whole days. Our Black Friday deal also features a special boost on a high quality slot game, ensuring satisfaction from our members.

Cyber Real Money Bonuses with Mighty Aphrodite

Our promotion for our Cyber Monday adult entertainment this year is with our popular and beloved slot ‘Mighty Aphrodite’. With just a small deposit of $35, our members get to play with 100 FREE Spins on top, with a 60 times rollover and no maximum cashout!

By just using the Cyber Monday Bonus code: CYBER100SPINS, any member will be able to enjoy our Cyber Monday slots and win real money!

In ‘Mighty Aphrodite’, the Goddess of Love offers players an enticing 5 reel online slot with 25 lines, where ancient Greece mythology characters like Aphrodite, Cupid and Pegasus join them on their journey for victory and winnings! Extra free spin rounds can be won by stacking wild icons, and when Cupid appears, he will shoot multipliers with his magical arrows!

This game has an expected return to player of ~94.31% which ensures every player to win real money this Cyber Monday! Maximum jackpot is up to 5x bigger with the Cupid multiplier and Aphrodite’s stacked wilds!

Other Amazing Slots to Play on Cyber Monday

Everyone loves some cash before the shopping season starts, so why not get in the mood with Slots Capital’s Cyber Monday adult entertainment? With ‘Gold Bricks’, players will get inspired by the game’s smart use of shiny gold ingots in its reels. Another recommended slot for this season is ‘Wheel of Cash’, where bettors will win prizes while playing with stacks of cash and luxury items such as bottles of champagne, gold watches and fast cars!

For Cyber Monday slots enthusiasts we also recommend our techie members to try ‘Big Bang Buckaroo’, a 5-line, 3-Reel slot made for fans of robots! Set in the Wild West, this explosive title features robot bandits and cowboys who serve as WILD icons! This classically-styled slot offers multi-symbol payouts: Three bullet bars plus triple AND triple lucky sevens will both explode into huge wins! Lastly, the “Robot Cowboy Buckaroo” icon offers a double shot of winning as it represents the jackpot icon for players to win cyber real money bonuses!

For those techies who like to buy gadgets on Cyber Monday, our famous slot ‘Ten Suns’ will inspire them on what to buy. Using cellphones, video game consoles and other gadgets as part of their reel illustrations, players will win money with cyber real money bonuses while they have fun!

Players looking for a different theme for their slots on Cyber Monday can check out the classic ‘Golden Gorilla’, a 50-line, 5-reel slot featuring gorillas and prehistoric creatures from the jungle. In this slot, players become explorers as they search for ancient treasures and lost relics such as dinosaur eggs, golden medallions and golden gorilla idols that translate to real money bonuses for all! Three or more golden gorilla idols trigger free spins!

During a Free Spin round, if 3 or more Golden Gorilla Idol icons appear, the Golden Gorilla Super Round will be triggered! There, if 3 or more Orange Dinosaur icons appear, the Hidden Statue Bonus Round will start and increased prizes will be awarded!

Choose A Fun Cyber Monday

What better way to recover from an imminent food coma after Thanksgiving than by logging into your Slots Capital account and play our Cyber Monday slots all week from the comfort of your sofa, desk or even commute to work and win real money with our bonuses? While Cyber Monday might just be celebrated one day, we have decided to give all our members the opportunity to enjoy this exclusive promotion for five whole days!

Cyber Monday Bonus Summary

Cyber Monday Bonus Code: CYBER100SPINS


100 Spins on Mighty Aphrodite

  • Deposit $35 play with 100 free spins on top
  • 60 times rollover
  • No max cash out

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