Huge Wins in The Wild

Savanna King XL: Huge Wins in The Wild

            Savanna King is one of the slots at Slots Capital Casino that has an older kind of design philosophy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Savanna King doesn’t just offer great wins to its players: it also lets you glimpse back into the past to look at a slot that has an older design style and feel to it. If you’re a fan of the more classic experiences, Savanna King XL has that in spades in ways that most modern slots don’t.

            Savanna King XL is a 5x4 slot with older graphics and sound, but many of the features are modern. Some of the biggest ones include a ‘stampede’ feature that can give the player up to 20 free spins.

Savanna King XL also features an unlimited retrigger of certain features, such as respins or bonus rounds. You can keep scoring off of these things forever if you’re lucky enough to keep it going!

            With an RTP of 96%, and wild multiplier wins that can award up to 64x the bet, you can really make some big wins in Savanna King XL! Give this classic slot a try if you’re looking for a really old school experience with your slots.

Solfire: High RTP and Big Wins

            Solfire is one of the more unique slots on the roster of Slots Capital Casino. Where many other slots are content to be a 3x3 spinner or contain a few bonus features, Solfire is almost entirely different. It features pretty high RTP and the ability to give its players big wins if they give the game a chance.

            Solfire is designed with themes that resemble old cultures like the Mayans or the Aztecs. The gameboard itself is filled with spinning stones and magical spells, zipping here and there as you spin over and over again and attempt to make everything match up.

            The RTP is as high as 97%, far higher than most titles you’ll find anywhere, so the chances of getting a big win are very high. Solfire even gives its players the chance to experience expanding wilds, which is great if you were looking to get some bigger wins off of a single spin.

            Not sure that you want to do that? Even if you’re just looking for big wins while playing normally, Solfire’s wild feature has an absurd max limit, at 9000 times the bet per line.

            So jump in and try out Solfire at Slots Capital Casino tonight: you have the potential to strike it big and get rich tonight!


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