This free casino slot game with bonus rounds is one of Rival’s most important releases to date!

Popping Piñatas

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Popping Piñatas

Rival Powered brings us their newest slot that transports us to a Mexican fiesta immediately with Popping Piñatas! This slot will make screens burst with color while players swing and hit decorated piñatas for winnings! Whole houses will be livening up with this free casino slot game for fun as cheerful sounds and joyful colors fill the rooms.

Popping Piñatas’ plot take players to visit the town of Buena Suerte, where a traditional fiesta takes place in a colorful scenario full of prizes and bonus rounds. This new unified 50-line and 5-reel slot is one of the most unique in Rival’s gaming catalog, and can be enjoyed anywhere a player goes, since it’s also a mobile slot game thanks to the new technology that allows the game to be played flawlessly on different devices.

This free slot game with bonus rounds requires no download and can be enjoyed by just logging in to the site. Popping Piñatas is also a mobile slot game, enjoying this flamboyant title anywhere and anytime a player wants to win free money and bonus rounds.

Free online slot game

Those who love free Casino slot games are definitely up for a treat as players get to know the game’s heroes Pancho and Pepe: two mariachi players who love to be the soul of the fiesta and who like to amaze everyone in town including the beautiful Catalina. Throughout the game, Pancho and Pepe try to impress Catalina by serenading her and get her to notice them.

Catalina is a charming dancer that loves to spend time with her precious Chihuahua Pequeño, who unfortunately gets lost while the celebrations take place. Luckily Pancho and Pepe are there to help her get back her pet with the help of brave players who spin the reels to find Pequeño!

This free casino slot game is part of Rival Powered’s catalog of exciting titles that have accompanied all of Dynasty Affiliates’ sites since 2005. For almost 15 years, Rival Powered has provided high-quality free casino slot games with bonus rounds to many online casinos, with new games being released constantly so players can try new free casino slot games regularly.

Unified Game

Popping Piñatas is also a special one for Rival Powered, as it is their very first unified game. This allows players to experience the same high-quality experience in both the desktop and the mobile version of the game. This free casino slot game becomes a mobile slot game at any time wherever a player is, and allows them to win prizes and bonus rounds instantly any time!

50 Line Slot Game

This free casino slot game with bonus rounds is one of Rival’s most important releases to date. The 50-line, 5-reel slot is packed with bonus rounds that make it even more exciting, and features stylish symbols that when aligned reward the player with great wins! Some of the best icons in this free casino slot game with bonus rounds include the beautiful Catalina, the talented Pancho & Pepe, and Pequeño, as well as yellow, red and green peppers, piñatas, guitars, maracas, skulls, sombreros, toucans, trumpets and even tequila symbols!

Players love free casino slot games for fun, and Popping Piñatas is certainly fun enough with all of the many features the game has. Many free casino slot games are played for fun and this certainly is one of them.

Mobile Game

What’s better than to play free casino slot games with bonus rounds from a desktop, laptop or a mobile device with a Mexican fiesta theme full of great prizes and an immersive plot? This free casino slot game gives players the opportunity to win bonus rounds, super rounds and to hit the jackpot in style by combining different combinations on the screen.

Bonus Round

When playing Popping Piñatas, three or more piñata icons trigger the Pick’Em Piñatas Bonus Round! There, players can break the piñatas to win coins and amazing bonus rounds! Upon triggering the Super Round, three or more Missing Dog icons triggers the ‘Where’s Pequeno’ Bonus Round! Players need to find the missing dog to win big!

Popping Piñatas is set to be one of the most acclaimed Rival titles and promises to give players bonus rounds and prizes. Players will definitely love the game’s friendly characters, Pancho, Pepe and the beautiful Catalina and also love the beautiful view of the town of Buena Suerte (which translates to Good Luck in English) with items commonly found in local parties like guitars and piñatas and sombreros! Moreover, players will get inspired by the bonus rounds and the ability to play whenever they want, so they can win at any time!

Free Slots Game

This free slot game with bonus rounds needs no download to play, so anybody can win instantly with Popping Piñatas! The newest unified feature in this game makes life easier for its players and promises to make it a popular title in the coming months.

Popping Piñatas is set to be a milestone in the online gaming industry as it is Rival’s first unified game. This feature will definitely be replicated in the coming Rival Powered’s titles as a must-have and will have members of all of Dynasty Affiliates casinos hooked for hours, enjoying the game’s plot and winning amazing prizes and bonus rounds.

The immersive story in this free casino slot game with bonus rounds is also one of the most appealing things in this game. Players will instantly be transported to a Mexican fiesta and feel the joy of a real-life party full of piñatas and sweet rewards!

Slot Game Music

As a suggestion, make sure to wear headphones when playing this free casino slot game for fun to increase the immersion in the game and be able to sense all the amazing sound effects that this new mobile slot game has. Also, the next-generation-quality of graphics featured in this game will leave players stunned the first time the try this free casino slot game.

Popping Piñatas promises to deliver a splash of winnings and bonus rounds, which will make players all around the world keep a close eye on and playtime and time again. The free casino slot game with bonus rounds can be played with real money or just for fun, perfect for those who want to try it out first and see what all the fuzz is about with this game.

If a player likes piñata popping, they should take a swing at this new free casino slot game with bonus rounds and be the life of the party in the town of Buena Suerte. This party of color fills the screen with vibrant dynamic decorations and the reels make it all much better – spin them to get bonus rounds and to win major moolah in this free casino slot game.

Free slot games with bonus rounds are hard to get, and one which requires no download is a gem in itself. More and more players will want to be a part of this free casino slot game fever, so they should remember these games can be accessed on any of the four amazing Dynasty Affiliates sites, both on a personal computer and now on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Slot Game Graphics

As we mentioned before, this 5-reel, 30 payline free casino slot game is certainly one of the best-looking games out there right starting today and offers players from around the word with the true colors of party and luck. Every single icon that appears in the reels is designed with the most talent and care by professionals in the artistic field, gaining praise for all of the games available in the Rival Powered long list of titles, including of course Popping Piñatas.

To the sides of the reels, which are the main focus of the game, players will be able to see the numbers that correspond to their equivalent payline so they know how much they’re about to win. Bonus rounds will also be shown when they are won, and players will feel the thrill of playing extra rounds at the reels whenever they hit the right combinations.

The screen of this free casino slot game also shows the total balance and the total bet balance that they have available and is displayed in cash instead of regular coins. This gives players a better understanding of their balance and how well they’re doing while rescuing Catalina’s missing dog, or while trying to gain her heart with serenades performed by Pancho and Pepe. With just a push in the spin button, players will be able to win funds and continue their lucky run as the game unfolds before their eyes.

Free casino slot games for fun are one of the main attractions for players visiting an online casino site, and that’s why Rival has worked so hard in the last few months to deliver a game worthy of their expectations and loyalty throughout the years. New players should take the opportunity to try this game out as well and experience what a quality free slot game with bonus rounds looks like, without the hassle to download software to their computers or to mandatorily pay before being able to play.

Members of the Dynasty Affiliates sites will certainly be the talk of the party next time they invite their friends over to their house and show what they’re capable of achieving with Popping Piñatas. With an excellent storyline, sound and visual effects second to none, and bonus rounds plus prizes for all their members, Popping Piñatas will get even the grumpiest player in a festive mood!

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