We have a series of new slots and game providers available!

Let’s go over some of the biggest games from the new providers that we’ve acquired, and all of their biggest points so you can really see their strengths.

Saucify Games: Four New Titles

Coming in from one of the best providers on the market, we’ve gotten a great deal with Saucify games and are eager to show you the amazing new titles that we’ve acquired. We were able to get four from Saucify.

Mississippi Wilds: A Great Time on The River

Saucify’s first slot was Mississippi Wilds, a great slot all about being on a steamboat on the Mississippi river! Mississippi Wilds is one of the best new games that we’ve got. Featuring up to twenty paylines and a massive payout of up to 45,000 coins on a single spin, this slot certainly isn’t one to disappoint.

Great Graphics and Outstanding Gameplay

Mississippi Wilds has an amazing audio and visual package: outstanding graphics that are only matched by thrilling, stunning sound as you make your way down the famous river.

The quad-reel set bonus in this game rewards you with up to 25 free spins when you manage to hit them all the right way: so you can really make your money if you hustle! Not only that, but in this slot, you can even win free prizes that are sometimes hidden behind casino chip symbols.

Float Down the River at Slots Capital

Mississippi Wilds is the perfect slot that represents not only how good Saucify games are, but how good Slots Capital slots are in general. Come and try it out, float down the river in a paddle boat, and see if you can’t score some big wins, huge bonuses, or free prizes on that famous river. Try out Mississippi Wilds at Slots Capital Casino today!

Neptune’s Bounty: Rule The Oceans With Free Spins and Wilds

Our next slot from Saucify is even more special: and for those who are fans of any kind of ancient mythology, you’ll really enjoy this one! Neptune’s Bounty is all about the famous Roman god of the same name: ruler of the oceans and the seas!

Featuring amazing graphics, great gameplay and sound, and tons of different secrets and extra goodies, Neptune’s Bounty is an unbeatable slot that you just can’t miss. Let’s dive right in!

Huge Wins, Free Spins, Double High Wilds

Neptune’s Bounty offers players the chance to win a massive payout of up to 14,240 coins in a single spin. As if that wasn’t good enough, 22 Free Spins can also come about if the player manages to hit them right! Neptune, or the Kraken who lurks under the sea as one of his greatest servants, will be more than happy to reward the right lucky player in fortunate circumstances.

Neptune’s Bounty has graphics that are colorful and engaging as you search for riches in the sea with the god’s help. On top of that, Double High wilds means that you’re even more likely to win and find that treasure you’re looking for deep in the ocean!

15 Paylines And Choice of 2 Games

Neptune’s Bounty doesn’t just feature 15 paylines, but also the choice between two different feature games. You could also call it two slots in one! The player can choose to either seek the riches of Neptune’s throne room, or try to find wealth in the Kraken’s lair -- danger awaits! Either way, the player has a great chance of getting some huge payments from this slot by the end of their session.

Play Neptune’s Bounty at Slots Capital Casino Tonight

So don’t wait! Come and try out one of the best slots yet at Slots Capital Casino tonight, and try out all of the features that the game has to offer. Great graphics, huge payments, wilds, free spins, and more: what’s not to love?

Jingle Bell Jackpots: Generous Christmas Payments from Santa

The next slot on the list here is an example of one of the best Christmas-themed slots ever made! With a name that rolls off the tongue and tons of features for players available, Jingle Bell Jackpots is just the perfect slot to play if you want to feel that holiday spirit, or if it’s around Christmastime!

Free spins, 5 reels, jackpots, bonuses, and more -- let’s dive right in!

Up to 100 Free Spins, Huge Wins, and 5 Reels to Enjoy

Jingle Bell Jackpots features up to 100 free spins for the players who can hit that mark! Not only that, but the gigantic jackpots featured in Jingle Bell Jackpots ensures that players will always feel that rush of reward when they hit that big win!

The highest possible win in this slot from Saucify is 50,000 coins -- quite an amount, when you really think about it! Not only that, but with 5 reels and twenty paylines, it’s almost impossible to lose when you play this amazing Christmas slot.

Think that’s all? Jingle Bell Jackpots has even more to offer!

Santa’s Jackpots and Extra Surprise Bonuses

When we say jackpot, we mean it. Not only does Jingle Bell Jackpots offer massive wins of up to 50,000 coins, but there’s an actual jackpot system in the slot as well! Every spin has an incredibly small chance to reward the player massively: leading to bigger and bigger wins and some really massive payouts!

Extra surprise bonuses are available, too: try and win some extra prizes while spinning and see if you get lucky and get a few extra rewards. It’s Christmas, after all, and Santa is the most generous during this time!

Play Jingle Bell Jackpots at Slots Capital Today

Don’t wait: come and try out Jingle Bell Jackpots today at Slots Capital! We’ve got everything you need to be able to score a big win, and Santa’s waiting to give you the gift of a huge payout. Play today!

Zeus Rising: Thunder and Massive Wins Galore

The last slot that Saucify has for us today is Zeus Rising: a great Greek-mythology themed slot filled with huge wins, free spins, and far more! In Zeus rising, you can enjoy gorgeous, detailed visuals of the Greek King of the Gods, smiting his enemies with his legendary bolt of thunder. You get to watch as he battles the Titans and other foes in his rise to power.

In this slot, Saucify provides us with massive payouts, tons of free spins, and one of the best sets of features in any of their new games to date!

Get ready to hear that lightning crack: let’s jump right in!

Up to 25 Free Spins, 12,000+ Coins Payouts, and More

Zeus rising has the wonderful feature of allowing players to get up to 25 Free Spins from a single attempt if everything goes their way. This is a great way for players to get far more bang for their buck, and play much longer. Get those free spins and get some big wins out of them!

When you do, enjoy how large the payouts can be in Zeus Rising. A single spin can reward you as much as 12,000+ coins! This is a really huge amount and it should be appreciated on how far that much would be able to get you.

Of course, these free spins and huge payouts don’t mean anything if you don’t have a way to get them. This is why things like wilds are so important.

Various Different Types of Wilds in Zeus Rising

Zeus Rising has these too, of course! Not only are wilds available in Zeus Rising, but there’s quite a bit of them there for players to enjoy! It’s frequent and common to run into a wild when you do a spin, and it can result in huge rewards for the player!

Wilds are some of the best ways to mitigate any kind of poor RNG that hurts the player, and Zeus Rising has tons of different ways for players to win and enjoy themselves with 20 different paylines.

Come and experience the rise of Zeus and the beginning of the King of the Gods. Experience Zeus Rising!

Come Play Zeus Rising Today at Slots Capital

If you want big wins, great graphics, amazing sound, and an intense, high-quality gaming experience, come and try Zeus Rising at Slots Capital Casino today!

Dragon Gaming: Two New Slots That Shine

Dragon Gaming has also given us two new slots that will be featured at Slots Capital Casino. Let’s look into these two new titles now: both Pirates of the Grand Line as well as Sea Treasures!

Pirates of the Grand Line: Great Slot for Piracy Fans

If you’re a fan of mythos, adventure, accomplishing your dreams or just giant crazy battles, One Piece is a great story. But now you can experience that story in another way with this new slot, Pirates of the Grand Line: based off of the famous manga and anime.

This slot is an anime-style pirate adventure that goes through different areas of the Grand Line, a legendary sea where anything is possible! Help the main character, Luffy, save his brother Ace from the marines and from a possible execution! This is based on one of the most exciting parts of the anime, so action and tense moments are all over the place!

This slot features a ton of free spins -- up to thirty -- if three scatters appear during the free spins round. Twenty free spins are available from the get-go if the player manages to score them. Free spins are some of the best possible features that a slot can give to the player, because it lets you get far more wins and makes your money go much further.

Scatters can hit at any time and help you extend that lead even further, too. Look to get some of those free spins and then those scatters while you’re pulling that lever. Prepare for bonus games too, because this slot has them.

Bonus Games, Huge Payments and Multipliers

Pirates of the Grand Line offers big multipliers for spins and rewards the player with large payments! You’ll experience payouts that are really out of this world when you play this slot.

Finally, one of the biggest features the slot has to offer is the Save Ace Bonus Game. Help the main character battle back against the marines and save his brother Ace from them, and at the end of the bonus game if you succeed, you’ll manage to score a 1000 times multiplier. Make certain that you get a huge payment with this!

Play Pirates of the Grand Line at Slots Capital Casino Tonight

Come on down and play Pirates of the Grand Line at Slots Capital Casino tonight: save Ace, get huge payments, enjoy wilds and free spins, and get rich off the high seas!

DragonGaming’s last title that we’ll talk about today is Sea Treasures. Experience lost riches, great RTP (96%), amazing graphics and sound, and 10 paylines that will result in you getting an awesome payout! Let’s dive right down to the ocean floor now!

High RTP, 10 Paylines, 5 Reel and More

Come and search for pearls and treasure chests deep down in the sea! Sea Treasures features high RTP, 10 paylines, and 5 reels with 3 rows. You should be able to get plenty of wins out of this great slot: which is designed to be more than fair for players!

Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters

Tons of free spins are available in Sea Treasures: along with multipliers and scatters. You can get additional free spins, too, during the game, which will extend everything even further and make you receive even larger and larger payouts!

This is the perfect title if you like the sea, the ocean, huge wins, great graphics, and stellar sound.

Dive into The Sea Tonight at Slots Capital Casino

Come and dive into the sea tonight at Slots Capital Casino and try Sea Treasures: one of DragonGaming’s best newest slots!

Qora: Three New Slots for Slots Capital Casino

Finally, last -- but not least -- are Qora’s slots, another provider who’s giving us three great new slots. Let’s dive into 10x Vegas, Super Wilds XL, and Panda Pursuit, Royal Edition!

10x Vegas: Get Rich at the City of Sin

Experience the glory and riches of Vegas like never before when you play 10x Vegas, one of Qora’s best new slots! It’s chock full of great features and big wins, and after just playing it for a little bit you’ll understand why we got it as one of our newest titles here at Slots Capital Casino.

Huge Wins and Great Graphics

10x Vegas can offer really massive wins to the player -- in the order of hundreds or even thousands of times the original bet. The RTP is high and the game is very, very fair: which means players have the chance of winning big in this slot. The visuals and graphics are amazing, too: top of the line, beyond industry standard.

Insane Sound and Replay Value

10x Vegas features great sound design and entertaining sounds and music to really engage you while you play. It’ll really feel and look like you’re in Vegas, and sound that way too, as you spin again and again. Such a high quality slot has great replay value.

Play 10x Vegas at Slots Capital Casino Tonight

So don’t hesitate: come and try 10x Vegas at Slots Capital Casino tonight! Get rich at the City of Sin!

Super Wilds XL: Wealth Comes From Wilds

If you’re a big fan of the wilds feature in slots, Super Wilds XL has that in spades. With 5 reels and 25 lines, along with bonus features in every game, this slot really has tons of content!

5 Reels and 25 Lines, Amazing Bonus Games

Super Wilds XL features 5 reels and 25 paylines or ways to win. In addition, various different bonus games take place in this slot, which really makes it a great experience for the average player. Get used to random, varying gameplay!

Game Changes Based on the Wild

Many of these bonus games and rounds change based on the wild that you manage to roll. There are many different symbols in this game, and with so many paylines and bonus games, there’s so many ways to get huge payouts!

Play Super Wilds XL at Slots Capital Casino Tonight

Come play Super Wilds XL at Slots Capital Casino tonight -- experience the best that the wild feature has to offer in modern slot games!

Finally, our last title today is Panda Pursuit: Royal Edition. This is a 4x5 reel with 1024 paylines, wilds, free spins, and other great features with huge payments! Let’s dive right into it.

Huge Wins, 4x5 Reels, 1024 Paylines

Panda Pursuit offers massive wins to players, in the form of 4x5 reels with 1024 paylines. This slot has great RTP, and players can expect to win often and try to pull in big money with the victories that they score!

Free Spins, Wilds, Unlimited Retriggers

As if that wasn’t good enough, Panda Pursuit also offers tons of free spins, wilds, and unlimited retriggers on their features if you’re lucky enough to keep rolling them! You could be playing for free and making tons of money, easily, and the game won’t limit you or prevent you from doing that.

Play Panda Pursuit Royal Edition at Slots Capital Casino Tonight

So come and play Panda Pursuit, and all of our other slots, at Slots Capital Casino tonight! We’ve got a bunch of great new titles and you’re sure to have fun and win big when playing these awesome new slots! Come on down.

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