The mythic wolf is howling at the moon, the sacred moon is shining and the slot is paying. Enjoy this supernatural slot game today!

“I was dreaming I was a lone wolf walking in a beautiful snowy landscape trying to find my prey. Turned out my prey have been winnings and I found it as soon as I was back together with my wolf pack.” Helping you to make your dream come to life, you might want to play the Mythic Wolf – Sacred Moon Slot game at Slots Capital.

Mythic Wolf – Sacred Moon is one of the newest games provided by Rival Gaming. It is an addition to the Mythic Wolf Slot game itself. With exciting features, its 5 reels and the fantastic atmosphere it drags you into, it is perfect to trigger a big win. With the low volatility, this slot machine comes with, winnings are being paid out quite frequently.

mythic wolf - sacred moon, game logo, in crystal lettering in blue and purple

A mythical Setup

Unlike a classic reel slot, Mythic Wolf – Sacred Moon is offering you 5 reels with different amounts of rows. This results in a diamond-shaped field totaling 720 win lines. Mythic Wolf – Sacred Moon not only pays from left to right but also the other way around.

Seeing the mysterious but beautiful Aurora Borealis was never that easy. The game scenery takes you to a snowy, mystic landscape. The landscape where you are able to meet the mythic creatures of the wild while the Aurora Borealis is lightening your way to the winnings!

While the pack of wolves is howling at the sacred moon rewards shall be credited to your account. The atmosphere of the game is emphasized by the sound of drums that are calmly playing in the background. Of course, to drag you more into the mythical world of Mythic Wolf - Sacred moon a flute sound can not be missed. You hear the flute playing upon winning combinations.

With a minimum bet of $0.25, players can lean back, having fun while enjoying the atmosphere of the Mythic Wolf - Sacred Moon game. If you want to go big, you can spin for the max bet amount of $62.50. You can select a coin value of $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, and $0.25, and also you can decide between one and ten coins, and how many coins you want to play with.

A shiny shimmering game field with a mythical snowy scenery, just perfect for the pack of mythic wolves howling at the sacred moon. Join the wolf pack in this exciting game and experience the sequel to the most popular slot on Slots Capital.

mythic wolf - sacred moon game, mythic wolf with the game name and next to it the sacred moon

Mythic Wolves, the Sacred Moon, and majestic Icons

The majestetical Eagle

In many cultures, the eagle counts as the "Master of the Sky". Truly and without a doubt, we can confirm how majestic this flying raptor is. Since he is reaching certain flying height that no other bird can compete against, it is said that he is closest to the gods and therefore a great carrier for prayers. Thus, it can't be missed in this rival game, containing fascinating creatures of the wild.

The howling Wolf

The North American indigenous folks symbolized the wolf as "their brother". The skills of a wolf as a hunter have been valued and thus, they emulated him. A brother is a family member and family holds together, supporting each other. Of course, this is why the mythic wolf is the lead of the pack, guiding you to catch the next big win!

The silvery Moon

On a dark arctic night, the full moon may shine your light! With the light of the moon, the landscape covered in coats of snow, appear even more breathtaking and mythical. Wolves howling at the moon to find each other and to come together. Let's go, brother, the hunt for the big win starts now, as the pack it gathered.

The sacred Feather

In the origins, the headdress full of feathers was a symbol of bravery and courage. Especially because the feathers for the headpieces did come from the mighty birds and weren’t easy to get. Depending on how the feather on the headpiece is marked it has a specific meaning. Since they have a glorious meaning, they can't be unseen in Mythic Wolf - Sacred Moon as scatter symbol.

The protective Dreamcatcher

You may know what they say about dreamcatchers, right? They are leading the way for the good dreams in your mind, while the bad ones are tangled in the dreamcatcher. When the sun rises, the bad dreams will be dissolved. No wonder the Dreamcatcher is the scatter symbol of the game.

mythic wolf - sacred moon game, dreamcatcher icon

Mythical Features you don’t want to miss out on

All good things are coming in three but this game is putting one on top of it. With four mythical features and the pack of wolves, the next big win is just a few spins away. Let’s have a closer look at the features one by one!

Stacked Wilds

A lone wolf may not be doing great compared to when he is in a pack. A pack of wolves is supporting and taking care of each other. In this slot game, the pack of wolves helps you hunt for winnings. When the wilds are appearing a big (not bad) mythical wolf appears. Depending on how many wilds you are having he multiplies your winnings. The wolf wilds can multiply your winnings by 2X, 3X, or even 5X.

Free Spins

In the slot game, Mythic Wolf – Sacred Moon, the sacred feathers are a symbol for free spins. Trigger three or more sacred feather icons to be awarded up to 20 free spins. The more feather symbols that appear, the more majestic the number of free spins.

mythic wolf - sacred moon game, sacred feathers icon

Dreamcatcher Bonus Round

Within the free spin feature, you may trigger the Dreamcatcher Bonus Round. Once it appears, you can spin the Dreamcatcher wheel to get big payouts. To activate the dreamy bonus feature the dreamcatcher icon has to appear at least 3 times in the Free Spin feature. Wherever you are playing a regular spin or if you are in one of the bonus rounds, this feature is always available, as long as winnings have been awarded.

Double up Bet Feature

You have the chance of choice! In the Double up bet feature, you have the chance to get more for your winnings! Yes, you read that right, more for your winnings. All you have to do is make two decisions.

Once winnings have been rewarded you click on the multiplier icon right-handed at the bottom. As soon as you click on it, you will be asked if you want to bet 50% or 100% of your winnings. After you decided how much you want to bet from your winnings, you will be asked the classic question of head or tail. The coin will start to spin as soon as you made your selection and will stop at either or. If you have been lucky to make the right prediction, the additional winnings will be credited to your gaming account.

Just be aware that you can increase your winnings if the mythic wolf is on your side, but it can also happen the other way and you end up having picked a different outcome as it really shows.

Are you ready to go all-in with this feature and bet 100% or are you playing safe by just using 50% or just taking the winnings you just triggered? It will be all up to you.

Choose heads or tails feature of Mythic Wolf - Sacred Moon, head or tail, wolf head on one side of the silver coin and a wolf on the other

On the go, at home, on your mobile device, or on your computer, this game is playable on all your devices and platforms. Besides our huge selection of Casino games, you can find it in the Slots Capital Casino lobby with many other Rival slot games.

Join the pack of wolves and get awarded with shiny prizes, lots of fun and fantastic features!

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