Make You Rich is an exciting slot game created by Dragon Gaming software. 

Make You Rich Slot

make you rich

Make You Rich is an exciting slot game created by Dragon Gaming software. It's a rather straightforward slot title that can be played on mobile devices and traditional computers and has a fun Asian theme.

Let's dive into more about this fun slot title.


The overall theme of Make You Rich is an Asian theme. There are great graphics in the game, with many different details therein. It's very colorful, with red objects along with greens as well, and many of the symbols are representative of different things in the Chinese culture.

Gameplay and Symbols

Make You Rich plays out over a rather small 3x3 grid, with a 96.00% RTP. As such, there are only five paylines total, but that doesn't mean that it's not fun to play with some interesting features.

There are six symbols in this slot game, making it very simple to understand when you win. The lowest-paying symbols are the lantern, firecrackers and moneybags. Then comes the abacus and ruyi, followed by the symbol with the highest value in the game, a picture of Caisen (the Chinese god of wealth) holding a golden ingot.

The Power of the Ingot

That Caisen symbol with the ingot is what holds a lot of the power in the Make You Rich slot title. Every time that you land a win during a spin, an ingot will be added to your Ingot Collector, which is on the left side of the screen. If you're able to land three wins in a row, you'll fill up the Ingot Collector, which then triggers the Mega Spins feature.

This separate round has all the same rules as the base game, with the same symbols, too. The biggest difference here is that the payout value of all these symbols is now 5x what it is in the base game. This provides a great opportunity for extra wins.

The Mega Spins round comes to an end after you have landed five wins in it.

You can also use the Buy Feature to play the Mega Spins round if you aren't able to fill your Ingot Collector on your own.


If you're looking for a rather simple yet fun-to-play slot title, then Make You Rich by Dragon Gaming is a great option for you. While there aren't flashy special features like some titles, it's a lot of fun to play and well worth it with a high RTP.

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