Get lured into the Inca Empire and find huge treasures in Incan Rich!

At Slots Capital Casino, the Incan Empire has much to offer besides the gold you may find.

Incan Rich Slot game logo, Incan rich shiny golden letters, with colorful feathers in the background

Golden Temples and Incan flair

Enter the 5-reel temple of the Incan Rich slot and get rewarded big!

Every movie has a sound to underline the situation, and so does the Incan Rich slot game. With the sound in the background that you would associate with a relaxed Incan empire, the game provides a chilling game experience with low volatility and an attractive design.

When hitting winning combinations, the game changes its sound to highlight the won amounts more. When you trigger free spins, you will get a faster-paced sound that gives an adventurous and exciting feeling.

With the low volatility, the game pays out often in the 720 play ways. You can select to play with coins per line between 1 & 10. The lowest bet value is $0.20 at one coin, while the highest is $50 at 10 coins.

Winning ample means that the golden temple in the back will open its gates so the coins can literally come your way! Not only that is one of the highlights of the game. While your stay at Incan Rich, you will have great company from one of the Inca rulers in the slot game.

Incan Rich Slot Game, King Symbol, Quirky King in Red Garment and golden headpiece with blue feathers

Mighty Shiny Symbols

The Incan empire has many iconic items which simply can't be forgotten. Probably the Incan sun calendar is one of the most known, besides the iron clubs, stone crosses, headdresses, and let's not forget about the famous temples they built at Machu Picchu. Some famous symbols may cross your way in Incan Rich, the casino game.

The Inca King

As the Inca empire needed a king, the slot game Incan Rich needed a wild symbol. The king, represented as the wild symbol, can multiply your winnings. The quirky king of Incan Rich is not only rewarding you with a 2x multiplier; you even can get a multiplier of 3x or 5x times when the wild's stacking.

Scatter Symbols

The calendar of ancient times is the scatter symbol of this game. Profit from winnings, the scatter symbols will award a payout when displayed anywhere on the screen. If you land three scatters or more on the reels of Incan Rich, you'll activate the free spins bonus round.

Incan Rich, golden incan calendar slot icon

Inti Statue Idols

Inti is one of the ancient deities the Incas looked up to. He is said to be the sun god and statue idols have been created. In Incan Rich, the Inti statue idols are up for something good. A rewarding bonus feature will be activated by triggering three or more of them on the fields.

Highly Rewarding Features

The Inca had no written language. Stories and legends have been passed on verbally, dates and facts via quipu (a recording device made of camelid fiber strings or cotton strings). In Incan Rich, symbols are in use to tell you the story about casino entertainment, winnings and bonus features.

Free spins bonus

The sun Calendar was a handy tool in the Inca empire as daily life was organized. Well, in the Incan Rich online slot, the time guiding system will reward you with bonus spins if three scatters or more appear on the reels.

The Inti Raymi'rata Free Spins are coming with an additional surprise on the fields. When winning combinations appear, the winning icons will explode and other symbols tumble down to fill the free spots. Meaning new winning combinations are possible!

Believe it or not, that's still not all this bonus is having for you! Within the same round of free spins, the free spin feature can be re-triggered. Re trigger the feature by landing three or more free spin scatters.

Incan Rich slot game, Colorful Headpiece with blue and green feathers

Double up your money feature

Imagine you dared to go deeper into the Incan temples of Inca rich. You found a button in the ancient temples revealing a big golden coin. Would you flip the coin? Of course, you would, because you can double up your winnings!

It's a head or tail feature in the slot game that allows you to win even higher than your winning combinations. However, you are warned; you can win or lose at head or tail. If you are playing safe, you may only invest half of the winnings you just triggered. Only in the base game this feature is available.

God Bonus round

Land three or more Inti statue idols in the 5-reeled temple of Incan Rich and you shall be awarded the god bonus round. Pick a statue idol to win bonus cash! If one of the god idols has rewarded you with winnings, you can continue to pick one of the Incan deities' idols. You can continue with it until you click the empty idol. The accumulated winnings will be added to your balance.

Incan Rich, golden god statue idol symbol

Are you ready to hit massive winnings with your next unique combination? Then wait no more. Join Slots Capital Online Casino, enjoy the captivating gameplay, stacked multiplier wild and let the slot gods guide your way.

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