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Elementium Spin 16 Slot Review

The Elementium Spin 16 Online Slot features one of the most unique setups at Slots Capital. A sequel to the highly popular Elementium Slot, this new iteration might just change everything you know about the world – of slots, that is. You have 16 different options for a "spin" button, three down the left and right sides, and five on the top and bottom. The arrow you choose determines which direction the reels spin. So selecting a right arrow would make the reels spin to the right, an up arrow would make the reel spin up, and so on. The arrow you choose is important because it also determines the Multiplier Match Game! After every spin, the game's arrow going around the reels to stop at a random position. If it matches the up or down direction, your win doubles. If it matches the right or left, your win triples. If it matches the reel but not the direction, it triples. And if it matches the reel and direction exactly, you win 10x your bet. As if all that wasn't enough, this game also features a Wild Symbol that substitutes for all symbols except the scatter to create winning combinations.The Scatter pays up to 8x your total wager, not just your line bet. It also wins on top of any standard payouts. And all payouts (except for scatters) are multiplied by whatever you score in the Multiplier Match Game! It doesn't get much more unique and innovative than this. Give the Elementium Spin 16 Online Slot today, and see why it's soon to become even more popular than its predecessor.

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